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Algebra 2 summary

Extends the student's proficiency in the use of estimation, percentages, measurement, algebraic concepts, data analysis, probability, and problem solving.

Math 3 quickly reviews the essentials of Math 1 and 2, while extending those concepts greatly. Topics include linear and quadratic functions, systems, polynomial and rational algebraic expressions, exponents and logarithms, complex numbers, probability and trigonometry. Math 3 is intended to meet the common core requirements for topics in Algebra 2.

Transition is for students who want to prepare themselves for the core of a college mathematics course, and possibly test-out of some basic college courses. Students who do not wish to enter a mathematical-related major in college might be interested in this course. It provides for a more in-depth approach to algebraic and geometric applications to concrete problem settings. Graphing and calculators play a key role in the course. They provide concrete representation of relationships and access to demanding, realistic problems.